Job Responsibilities

The Electronic Engineer is wholly responsible for the design and development of firmware and hardware aspects mainly related to control system or user interface, working closely with Product Marketing, Industrial Design, testing Department and the other R&D Functions.

- Design and Development of firmware and hardware mainly related to control system or user interface of household appliances.
- Capability to understand electronic schematic and most diffused HW topologies.
- Actively participating to all stages from ideas generation to start of production.
- Manage relations with marketing, industrial design, external consultants and suppliers in order to pass all the gates of product development.
- Maintenance and continuous improvement for existing products.
- Innovative, optimistic and self challenging vision.

The technical platforms include:
- 8-16-32 bit microcontrollers
- Controls power AC and DC
- LCD display
- Capacitive touch interfaces
- Detection sensors machine functions

Job Profile

- Degree in computer science or electronic.
- Previous experience of at least 3 years as firmware/hardware designer.
- Experience in CAD tools for Electronics (Altiun Designer preferred).
- Great knowledge of fast prototyping path using most common platforms (e.g. Arduino/Raspberry)experienced in C for microcontroller and embedded systems (ST, Microchip, Renesas).
- Good knowledge of C/C++/Python and, at needs, assembly programming languages.
- Good knowledge of main communication bus protocol (SPI, UART, I2C, ecc...).
- Good knowledge of microcontroller architecture (8-16-32 bit) and of their peripherals.
- Good knowledge of main EMC issues in the process of product validation.
- Good knowledge of sensors and loads used in household appliances.
- Good knowledge in main laboratory instrumentations like oscilloscopes, logic analyzer, power meters and programmers.
- Competence in reading and understanding product specifications and market regulations (UL, CE, ecc ...).
- Competence in writing documentation, technical specifications, algorithms and procedures regarding product development and validation.
- Good knowledge of written and spoken English.
- Ability to work in team.