Through its subsidiaries around the world, the De' Longhi Group consolidates its global presence.

Investments consolidated in accordance with the line-by-line method

Investments valued in accordance with the equity method

Other subsidiaries (in liquidation or dormant)

¹  Figures at 31 December 2018, unless otherwise specified.
² The articles of association, approved by the extraordinary shareholders' meeting held on 29 December 2004, give special rights to De'Longhi S.p.A. (holding 89% of the voting rights) for ordinary resolutions (approval of financial statements, declaration of dividends, nomination of directors and statutory auditors, purchase and sale of companies, grant of loans to third parties); voting rights are proportional as far as other resolutions are concerned, except for the preferential right to receive dividends held by the shareholder Kenwood Appliances Ltd.
³ Refers to the equity investment in NPE S.r.l. recognized after the industrial partnership agreement described in the section on Discontinued operations was completed.
⁴ Dormant company, whose financial statement is unavailable.