Treviso, Italy



Job Responsibilities

We are seeking an experienced Material Engineer to join our Innovation team, focusing on the development and application of leading sustainable materials in consumer products. As a key team member, you will be crucial in nurturing our commitment to sustainability and driving the development of cutting-edge materials and processes for enhancing the material sustainability roadmap for De Longhi's range of products.
Key Responsibilities:
1. Material Research and Development:
- Conduct in-depth research on leading sustainable materials, staying current with industry trends and emerging technologies.
- Collaborate with universities and research institutions to leverage external expertise and resources in material development.
- Lead and contribute to internal innovation projects aimed at pushing the boundaries of sustainable material applications.

2. Material Selection and Testing:
- Evaluate and select materials based on performance, environmental impact, and cost- effectiveness.
- Design and execute experiments, in collaboration with relevant functions or suppliers, to test and validate the properties of selected materials.

3. Life Cycle Analysis:
- Assess the Life cycle impact to understand the environmental impact of materials and propose sustainable alternatives.
- Work towards optimising the sustainability profile of consumer products through innovative material selection and design.
- Drive initiatives to integrate circular economy principles, ensuring materials are designed with end-of-life considerations in mind.

4. Collaboration and Communication:
- Collaborate with product designers, engineers, and other stakeholders to integrate sustainable materials seamlessly into consumer products.
- Drive co-developments with suppliers mainly in Europe and China in order to access to the state of the art solutions that can reinforce the sustainable materials roadmap across all the product categories.
- Establish and maintain partnerships with universities for collaborative research projects.
- Actively participate in industry conferences, workshops, and forums to stay abreast of the latest innovations and foster collaboration.

5. Regulatory Compliance:
- Stay informed about new and forthcoming relevant regulations and certifications related to sustainable materials and define the sustainable materials roadmap accordingly.
- Ensure compliance with environmental standards and guide the company in adopting best practices.
- Advocate for sustainable practices and participate in industry initiatives to shape future regulations

Job Profile

Qualifications, Knowledge
- Bachelor's/Master's/Ph.D. degree in Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, or a related field.
- Proven experience in materials engineering, with a focus on sustainable materials.
- Strong knowledge of material properties, manufacturing processes, and life cycle analysis.
- Familiarity with regulatory requirements and certifications related to sustainable materials.
- Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
- Problem-solving mindset with a passion for innovation and sustainability.
- Fluent in English, Italian is a plus.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, we reject and condemn any form of discrimination including discrimination based on age, gender, sexual orientation, health, race, nationality, cultural background, political opinions and religious beliefs, and membership of associations and trade unions.