Jucu, jud. Cluj, Romania



Job Responsibilities

The mold engineer ensures the optimal operation of the plastic injection machines and collaborates continuously with the other departments (Quality, Production, Mold, Maintenance, Logistics) in order to achieve the objectives of the production strategy.

The candidate:
- supervises the installation and removal of injection molds by the setter and ensure their proper functioning;
- adjusts the injection molds parameters according to the settings mentioned in the technical sheet of the machine and optimizes them if necessary;
- ensures the good functionality of the peripheral equipment of the injection machine.
- improves the degree of automation regarding the interface of injection the injection machines and robots as well as other peripheral equipment (thermostats, conveyor belts, wrap machines, etc.);
- ensures the fulfillment of the production plan for the delivery of products in a timely manner and to the required quality;
- ensures the proper functioning of the injection process as well as the conformity of the products;
- keeps a close collaboration with the quality, production, logistics, tool shop and maintenance department in order to be able to intervene promptly in the situation where problems arise;
- creates work instructions and trains the operators and setters;
- creates action plans in order to improve and optimize plastic injection processes (e.g. reducing the scrap rate, increasing productivity, reducing change-over times, etc.);

Job Profile

- up-to-date knowledge of injection molding machine technology and capabilities;
- bachelor’s or master’s degree in mechanical engineering;
- 2+ years experience in injection mold engineering;
- English language – conversational level;

Skills, Capabilities, Competencies:
- 8D, Lean, 6 Sigma, 5Why;
- ISO 9001:2015;
- Gant chart;
- Pareto Engineering;
- Teamwork;
- Communication;
- Project planning;