Corporate services


Job Responsibilities

Within De’ Longhi Group Legal Department, PS&L Office is in charge to manage product safety and liability claims, product risk matters (including product risk assessment and treatment) and product crisis situations. It is also committed to identify possible actions to improve potential product crises handling, as well as supporting all relevant Group Departments to strengthen a proactive approach for product risks and safety.
The main scope is to minimize the impact of crisis events arising from some product related risks and to set up the main internal processes at Group level to prevent and/or react consistently at potential damages due to product issues to the customers and, as a consequence, to the Company.

Job Profile

• Develop data analyses and statistics for monitoring and reporting purposes, both internal and external, whether referring to technical or economic data, including in-depth analyses on specific topics rather than for insurance renewals scope;
• Maintain and develop the repositories in use at the PS&L office to track the events on the market and those containing its base of knowledge;
• Contribute to the research and selection of information and data useful for problem setting & solving and crisis management activities;
• Cooperate in and support product risk assessment activities, both relating to the development of new products and consequent to the reporting of events from the market: assuring a consistent development of the analyses by different technical areas will be a special focus;
• Provide support for the management of product risks arising on international markets, working closely with the Product Safety&Liability Director and the Product Safety Manager.

Main Responsibilities:
• Data analyses and statistics for monitoring and reporting purposes;
• Maintenance and development of Office repositories (of data/base of knowledge);
• Market data and information researches on product risk matters;
• Supporting the management of product safety risk assessments;
• Supporting for product risk events and product crisis situations.

Job Profile

Qualifications, Knowledge:
• Statistics or Managerial Engineering degree.

Skills,capabilities, Competencies:
• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment;
• Ability to work well under pressure and maintain positive, enthusiastic attitude;
• Strong attention to detail and accuracy;
• Ability to successfully balance and prioritize multiple ongoing projects/tasks (Project Management skills);
• High degree of initiative and self-motivation.