The Group

We are an international Group whose domestic appliances have made design and technology history.

Our brands

With our Brands we turn everyday activities such as drinking a good espresso into a special moment for millions of people.

Everyday Makers

We are a community of “makers” who have been designing and making products that turn into exclusive moments for more than 40 years.


Technology, design and quality in a single Group

We are an international group present with its products in more than 120 markets, with a worldwide community of 8.000 employees and brands that have made the history of small domestic appliances and design.


A one-of-a-kind portfolio

Better every day

A unique combination of quality, innovation and style.

Feed your imagination

Perfect dishes every day, since 1947.

Designed for what matters

More than 90 years of German design and engineering.

Il genio della casa

Style and innovation in everyday life.

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