For over 40 years, we have been thinking, designing, and creating products with unique designs for our consumers that find their way into the homes of millions of people. 
We are Everyday Makers.

We are a community of over 9,000 people in more than 30 countries across 4 main areas: Europe, which accounts for over half of the Group, the Asia Pacific region, America, and Middle East and Africa. Every day around the world, our people give it their all, studying innovative solutions and creating products with the goal of making our consumers experience special and authentic moments.

Our community

Data: 31st december 2018

Our hallmarks

Born to do

We build quality products and solutions that make life better. We believe that our commitment can make the world a better place. We are Makers.

What we do, we do well

"Making" to us doesn’t only mean producing and selling products. It means an endless dedication and drive to create, to offer a unique Consumer experience.

Combining passion and knowledge to make the difference

We are a global community working together to share the same goals and passion and to make the difference

Always ready for the next challenge

We are artisans of innovation. Courage, team work, passion, competence, heritage and respect, are the values at the heart of our work, inspiring us  to improve day by day.

People support and growth

We care about the well-being and growth of our people. This is why since 2015 we have been giving voice to our community of employees around the world, using active listening tools that allow us to come up with global and local improvement plans in line with people's actual needs. We put people at the centre of everything we do, creating the environment and conditions for them to do their best and actively contribute to the Group's performance with their talent.


We strive to let each one of us make a difference from day one. This is why we onboard our employees and give them the knowledge and tools required to make a contribution. We onboard them through differentiated induction programmes, actively engaging them in interactive and creative experiences to let them get to know the company, the business, and its products, thus fostering a sense of belonging.

De' Longhi onboarding

Continuous learning

Competence is one of our values: this is why we encourage a new culture based on continuous learning and the opportunities offered by new technologies, promoting people's accountability as well as their active contribution to their own growth. We design training programmes to foster the growth and development of new skills and promote talent, combining conventional in-class training with innovative solutions such as experience-based laboratories and digital learning.

De' Longhi - formazione continua

Management development 

We encourage managers across the world to unlock their potential through unique and innovative leadership programmes in line with our company's culture. We prepare leaders to manage and promote the growth of their people, working openly and effectively with colleagues to successfully tackle the Group's business challenges.

Percorsi mnageriali


We promote a people-centric culture, firmly believing that each employee, with their professional and life experiences, represents an asset to the company. We listen to our employees to regularly gather feedback and implement new tools in order to promote a stimulating and collaborative work environment as well as a work-life balance that can manage business and personal needs. Flexible work schedules, engagement initiatives, and support for parenthood are only some of the initiatives launched in recent years as part of a constantly evolving journey.


Life @De’ Longhi Group

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