We are an international Group consisting of brands that have made the history of small domestic appliances with their products.

The De' Longhi Group is one of the world's leading players in small domestic appliances associated with the world of coffee, the kitchen, air conditioning, and home care.

Comfort & Home Care
Air conditioning and home-care

A world leader by the numbers

The Group's products are sold in more than 120 markets around the globe. Every year, its community of over 10.000 employees contributes to launching products that are increasingly innovative and tailored to consumers’ needs. In 2021 the Group generated €3221,6 million in revenue.

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De' Longhi World Presence


Our business model

We design products and experiences

Each product is born out of research, development, and engineering involving our technical units as well as the Marketing and Design functions. After defining the solution, the Group purchases the required raw materials and inputs.

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From the best raw materials to the best products

The purchased raw materials and components are shipped to the Group's production sites and to the partners that manufacture and assemble the products. The process is structured around specialised competence centres where a specific product is always manufactured inside the same plant.

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Test after test, quality and safety

At the end of the manufacturing process all products, including the solutions made by the partners that supply finished products, are tested to guarantee the highest safety and quality standards.

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Reaching customers and consumers

The products are shipped from the sourcing centres and logistics hubs to the various warehouses and then distributed across the Group's entire sales network.

De' longhi Customers and consumers

More on De' Longhi Group

Vision and values

We analyse the most important trends to create “Made for Living” products and bring unique experiences to life.

Brand overview

With our portfolio of iconic brands, we meet the diverse needs of our consumers.

The history of the Group

The De’ Longhi Group was born from the integration of brands that have written the history of design and technology.