Our journey towards sustainability

*More information on our Sustainability Report 2022


The De’ Longhi Group released its first Sustainability Report in 2018. The document represents the first step in a journey that has allowed the Group to understand its economic, social and environmental role as well as the need to define a strategy capable of generating value for the business and its stakeholders while respecting the entire ecosystem.

Sustainability for the De’ Longhi Group means looking to the future as part of a responsible commitment that has been renewed every year and is based on 3 pillars: the people gravitating around the firm, the products, and the processes governing its structure.

Key milestone in this journey was the approval of the first Sustainability Plan and targets in July 2022. For further information read our Sustainability Manifesto.


Sustainability Governance

The commitment to sustainability has been translated into a governance that encompasses the entire Group and has 4 major actors: i) the Control and Risks, Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee; ii) the Sustainability Steering Committee; iii) the Group Sustainability Manager and iv) the Focus Groups.


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From dialogue to action

Pillars & areas of commitment

 Implementing our commitment

2022 Sustainability Report

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