Our goals include being a successful company that operates with social responsibility as well as in harmony with natural resources and the global climate


The De’ Longhi Group's sustainability model is based on 3 pillars: the people gravitating around the firm, the products, and the processes governing its structure.


Sustainability journey


Valuing our people, the Everyday Makers

We believe workplaces must be stimulating, capable of attracting, motivating, and facilitating the growth of our people; places that are safe and healthy, where each individual can feel valued and develop their potential.

The Group's latest achievements

  • Reduced injuries (injury rate: -35% relative to 2018), increased hours of training provided (+6%), involved 2,039 employees in the performance review process.
  • Implemented certain modules within the management system for the purposes of mapping information and managing the following processes: «compensation», «performance management», and «learning and development».
  • Defined action plans to engage employees at both the corporate and local level, based on the findings of the 2019 Employee Engagement Survey – “Your Voice: Make the Difference”, which included all the Group's employees.
  • Distributed €1.8 million to the community for initiatives associated with sports, local development, and health, research, and well-being.
  • Implemented the salary review, which led to defining increasingly formalised and standardised methods at the Group level as well as adopting a dedicated policy .
Modello di sostenibilità


Integrating sustainability in product design and innovation

We intend to innovate our products by focusing on materials, durability, energy efficiency, and technologies that can enable and promote healthy food habits for our consumers.

The Group's latest achievements

  • Invested 2.5% of turnover in research and development.
  • Continuos efforts to analyse,optimise and reduce the materials used for product packaging, enabling the mitigation of environmental impacts.
  • Obtained the new edition of the ISO 9001:2015 certification at all production sites.
  • The partnership with the Department of Design at the Polytechnic University of Milan continued, as did with other prestigious universities in Italy and abroad, for the research and development of new concepts to be applied to De' Longhi products with clear reference to the sustainability, lifestyle and wellbeing of consumers. 
  • The LCA study was extended to product packaging, taking into consideration the standard small, medium and large sizes, with the aim of also mapping their relative impacts and developing re-design activities, as well as further improving the environmental footprint of the Group's products.


Prodotti De' Longhi


Running sustainable supply chain and operation

We pay particular attention to environmental and social impacts throughout our value chain. Specifically, we strive to manage energy resources in a responsible and efficient manner, actively contributing to the fight against climate change. In addition, we seek to protect human rights and improve working conditions throughout our production chain and as well as contribute to the growth of the communities in which we operate.

The Group's latest achievements

  • Disposed of 95% of the waste generated at production sites through recycling.
  • Implementation of circular economy projects for the recovery of by-products from the production process.
  • Recovery of Nespresso capsules used to test De' Longhi machines, equal to approximately 8 tonnes of aluminium per year.
Sostenibilità De' Longhi